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It is difficult to put into words how brilliant Sally is and how much she helped me. We undoubtedly would not have our gorgeous son without her.

Where to begin.... Well aside from being a highly skilled acupuncturist, Sally has an encyclopaedic knowledge of fertility, she guided me through the wealth of her knowledge and fast-tracked my understanding. It would have taken me months and months of research to know what was relevant without Sally. It meant that I had tests done which proved to be really important on her recommendation. She made things simple, IVF can be overwhelming and the terms and procedures were like a foreign language, she knows all aspects of it inside out and even helped me do my first injection. She made it all manageable and normal and during all the to-ing and fro-ing of appointments with different consultants, nurses and embryologists, aside from my partner, Sally was the one constant person supporting me through the ups and downs and eventual success. She became my fertility coach, counsellor and friend!

I always looked forward to my appointments, she made me laugh so much despite everything and kept me on an even keel physically and emotionally which was vital. I felt wonderfully well throughout my pregnancy even as an older first time mum. Sally is held in high regard by a number of top fertility specialists in the country for her work and is able to bring the medical, physical, emotional and spiritual all together. She is a warm, generous spirited lady with so much empathy, insight and experience. Also, Sally gives the best deep tissue back massage I've ever had! She is very skilled in a range of holistic treatments in addition to acupuncture, I never felt so well! Our little family is so so grateful to Sally and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

2016, LW first time mum at 46!

I contacted Sally on recommendation from a friend. I had been suffering from constant nerve pain in my mouth after a root canal treatment, and after three months of taking painkillers that only dulled but never got rid of the pain, I was at my wit’s end. The doctor had recommended that my only option was to resort to a strong drug that is used for nerve pain but I was reluctant to take it. I had never before had acupuncture but thought I had nothing else to lose as I was becoming desperate.

From the moment I met Sally, I was taken with what a lovely, warm and caring person she seemed to be. She offered me no promises and admitted that she had little experience with this type of pain but agreed to try and help. I was a little scared of the idea of needles, but soon realised that fear was unfounded – to anyone nervous at the thought, it really doesn’t hurt! After the treatment I felt wonderfully calm and peaceful, although the pain was still there. I didn’t expect any improvement at that stage and was amazed when later the next day I realised that I had not needed to resort to painkillers until just after lunch – something that had not happened since the problem began. There was a clear and marked improvement in the pain level and each time I went for further treatment, I noticed a step change in the pain within a few days.

This was a complete revelation to me and the acupuncture sessions reduced my pain levels from max 8/minimum 3 at the beginning of the treatment, to max 3/minimum ‘almost gone’! Sally and I agreed that I had now potentially reached a plateau and it was at this stage that I decided I would give the drugs a try in order to hopefully get back to normal.

I cannot over-emphasise the change that Sally’s treatment made to my condition – it was almost miraculous! She is a fabulous person and I am a total convert to the benefits of acupuncture (but only with Sally!). I would recommend anybody, with any condition, to give her a try and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Oh and by the way, her back massages are awesome!!

Gosh, where to start. I first started having treatments with Sally about fifteen years ago and have had regular treatments ever since. I really do think that without her treatment, support, humour, advice and very good ear, I would have probably been locked up years ago.

I started having treatment initially for anxiety and depression and health problems caused by hormonal issues. I cannot recommend Sally highly enough, she has been a life saver for me and not least because of her depth of knowledge and support. We have become very good friends over the years and will remain friends for the rest of our lives. She is one of the most important people in my life and I feel very privileged to call her a friend, the most selfless person I know. Oh and she has a wicked sense of humour and always makes me laugh!

Even after all of these years I have absolutely no idea how acupuncture works, but I know without a shadow of doubt that it does work and that Sally is an excellent practitioner. In recent years Sally has also helped me with a lot of back problems with both acupuncture and massage, the relief this has provided is immeasurable. I would (and often do) recommend Sally to anyone that has any mental health or physical problems and I know she does remarkable work in the fertility area, her speciality. There are many babies that are here because of her work, what an amazing accolade that is.

Thank you Sally xx

I first met Sally when my second child was breech at term in 2002. She treated me during my third pregnancy in 2005, supporting a difficult pregnancy, keeping me healthy physically and emotionally, addressing issues including depression, joint pain, nausea and digestive problems. She has treated one of my children using acupuncture to reduce symptoms including excema, sleep difficulties, anxiety and depression. More recently, she has treated me using acupuncture for headaches, anxiety and bereavement. I always enjoy the treatments, I trust her skill, she is warm and genuinely caring, professional and her treatments have always been effective. I would wholeheartedly recommend her. Catherine November 2014

Catherine November 2014

I first came to see Sally in the January of 2012, having been trying to conceive for over 3 long years and with a failed IVF cycle and various failed attempts at IUI. Sally put me at ease instantly with her warm, caring and friendly nature and i knew I was in the hands of someone special. From day 1 she had complete faith that i would fall pregnant, a dream that I had long since almost given up on. She was so knowledgeable in the world of fertility and gave me invaulable advice in helping me to conceive. Less than 3 months in her care I fell pregnant and successfully gave birth to a little boy in December 2012. I continued to see her throughout my pregnancy and during early motherhood when I experienced some mild post natal anxiety/depression. I cannot speak highly enough of Sally and would recommend her to anyone trying for a family

I first started seeing Sally for fertility treatment in 2008, and this has now changed to maintain general wellbeing. Sally has a lot of knowledge in her field, and an amazing intuition which is always spot on finding what needs to be worked on. Sally is great in listening and putting things in context for me, facilitating insights and consequently bringing more physical health and emotional wellbeing. Her kindness, empathy and friendly approach makes even the 'needles situation' a fun one! I could not recommend her enough.

Thanks Sally for looking after me all these years. Your professionalism and friendship are priceless.

It must be getting on for 10 years since I first visited Sally on the recommendation of a friend, to help with my sleeping issues. I was very nervous as I am not a big lover of needles to say the least! Sally was very kind and reassuring and put me at ease straight away, even the needles weren't as much as an issue as I thought, even though 10 years on I always keep my eyes shut! After an initial assessment and course of treatment I found that my sleeping patterns had improved immeasurably. I continued to visit Sally every month over the years for treatment to keep me on track and went more often if I needed it.

Sally always tried to fit me in for an appointment even if it was last minute. I really looked forward to the visits, they have helped me so much over the ups and downs of life. Three years ago I moved away to Lincolnshire but I still visit Sally for a treatment every time I come back to Warwickshire to visit my family and I wouldn't consider using an acupuncturist closer to home, they just wouldn't be Sally! I have come to consider Sally as a friend after all these years and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

My husband and I both met Sally in September 2010 (you may want to check this date Sally lol) where she started treating us to assist in our dreams of becoming parents. Fast forward a couple of years and a lot of work on all our parts, I can honestly say that without Sally's experience, sheer volume of knowledge, 24/7 support and of course the actual treatment itself, our amazing son wouldn't be in our lives. Of that I have no doubt.. She is, and always will be referred to as my Fairy Godmother - minus the wand, but throw in some needles and a wicked sense of humour! I really could go on, but she knows just how much my words mean to all of us ;-)

2014........ having being feeling "gloomy" for some time I had reached the point where I needed to do something about it. Being a person who is resistant to taking medication I went down the alternative route and found Sally. Well what can I say she has truly turned my life around. I would not hesitate at all in recommending Sally to anyone she is an amazing, caring and wonderful person.

Just over three years ago I doubted whether I would ever have the family I dreamed of. I wanted so desperately to be a mother and had already gone through, what seemed at the time, a lengthy period of infertility including several fertility treatments. I am writing this now looking at my beautiful second daughter who is five weeks old today. So much has changed in such a short space of time and I owe so much to Sally. Sally knowledgably guided me through the process of IVF to achieve my first pregnancy. She was hugely supportive, caring and informative, but most importantly her needles worked! I could literally feel my fertility being kick started by Sally’s techniques. Longing for a second child a returned to Sally and I became pregnant again, this time naturally. I know that I would still be longing now had it not been for her talent. I owe so much to Sally and feel incredibly lucky to have found her. She is one of the most dedicated people I have met and would do anything within her power to help women who long for a child.

Thank you Sally, for everything.

I have to be brutally honest and say that accupuncture was never on my list of things to do! I was always one to take a pill at the onset of any minor irritation. However, at my wits end, a work colleague suggested I contacted Sally and gave accupuncture a try having had 2 successive mis carriages and given no real explanation as to why. Sally worked her magic and within 6 months I was pregnant again and had Sally to reassure me that this time it would work. The first 12 weeks were terrifying but with Sally always on the end of the phone, and with regular visits, my healthy baby girl was born 9 Months later. I would recommend Sally to anyone who needs 'a bit of extra help'. She is understanding of individual needs and always goes the extra mile to help when in need (and at very short notice). As a migraine sufferer these also became almost non existent during pregnancy because of the accupuncture.

4 years on, I still see Sally regularly for general well-being/migraine maintenance and am very happy to say that the migraines have been very few and far between. I would say with definite confidence that if you want to try alternative therapy and you don't try it with Sally you will be missing out! In Warwickshire everyone knows her...And quite rightly so! I can't thank her enough

2014 - i'm writing this Whilst trying to contain an energetic 10 month old! Well 2 years ago I never imagined being able to write anything like this - 4 years of trying for a baby and on the roller coaster of fertility tests heading towards IVF. I was given details about sally and accupuncture and she came highly recommended.

If you was to ask my husband and i now what was the best thing we did and what factor had a huge influence over the birth of our little girl through IVF we would both say me having accupuncture from sally. The amount of knowledge Sally has! We called her the IVF and fertility dictionary - she not only used acupuncture to make sure my body was as balanced and as healthy as it could be and believe me it absolutely does work! - she also provided so much education, advice, support and in the mix laughter!! The most dedicated person I know! And she takes every one of her clients to her heart and does everything to give you the best opportunity to conceive naturally and if IVf is needed the best chance for it to work.

Laura, David and baby Ava xxxx

first came to see Sally 5 years ago after a recommendation from my consultant. Since then she has treated myself and my husband brilliantly for a variety of issues such as neck ache, back pain, migraine, frozen shoulder etc. She has also treated friends and family on our recommendation. I have never met a professional as knowledgeable or as caring as Sally. She is a very warm, funny and a truly dedicated practitioner. As well as treating us we always have a laugh during the sessions and she is always so willing to put herself out for her patients. It always surprises us how she can tell exactly what is wrong with us and also predict viruses etc. which are about to start but she can and she is always right. I have total and utter trust and faith in Sally’s ability and I would say to anyone thinking of going to see her, book a session now as it will be the best money you ever spend.

I have been a long standing, regular patient of Sally Lissaman for the last two to three years. I can confidently say that I would not be here today without her excellent treatment and support. She is an excellent clinician and thoroughly professional in ever way. I have been treated by other acupuncturists and alternative clinicians in the past, however Sally is the best I have ever been treated by and I cannot recommend her highly enough. (and I have done to various friends and clients of my own) She makes my on going medical problems much easier to manage and gives on going emotional support. I feel very fortunate indeed to have Sally in my life.

Pam Rice BSc Podiatric Medicine

I found Sally at a time when I was at my lowest. I suffer from migraines and had tried everything over the years except acupuncture as I had a slight aversion to needles! At the time Sally started treating me I was having about 4 to 5 migraines a month (and they were the debilitating kind!). Sally couldn’t promise a ‘cure’, but now having had regular monthly sessions with her over 3 or 4 years, my migraines have reduced but when I get one, they are certainly manageable now and with care I can continue my day without resorting to disappearing from the world for a few days into a dark room.

I continue to see Sally for Wellbeing and I can’t now ever imagine not seeing her each month

Thank you Sally xx

I lost both my wonderful parents within a few months, and over the next year, changed as a person. I also went into full blown menopause! My family and friends were a great support, but I just could not shake off the constant anxiety and sadness. A friend told me about Sally - Well that is when everything changed - I can't believe what magic Sally can do with her needles! A visit to Sally is a tonic -She is just a wonderful person who makes you feel so comfortable you can really open up. I can't thank Sally enough for turning my life around, and I am looking forward to 2015 with great excitement.

Sandie Laird

Sally Lissaman is absolutely amazing and a God send ( anyone who knows me knows I only speak the truth and pay compliments only when they are due as I have very high expectations )

I met Sally over a year ago, my husband and I were trying to conceive - we had been trying for under a year, within 6 months of meeting Sally I fell pregnant naturally and now have a beautiful baby. Sally has helped me in so many ways I couldn't possibly list them all but in a nutshell she is a professional who is so knowledgable, knows her field so well, she makes you feel completely relaxed and confident, Sally tailors your treatment to meet your needs ( I went to an acupuncturist before Sally and she pretty much did the same thing on everyone!) I am type A personality with a stressful job and Sally managed to relax me and reduce my tension and improve my general well being massively. Sally has made me a more positive person and given me a different outlook on life now. Sally is very attentive and caring and has a heart of gold. Sally will address your calls and concerns 24 7 and is always accessible through txt which is an outstanding service. It's true when they say every cloud has a silver lining because if I didn't have problems conceiving I would never have met such a great woman who now is like family to me. I would do anything for Sally.

SK x

I initially went to see sally over ten years ago with high blood pressure due to my iga nephropathy flaring up. With her excellent couch side manner I felt at ease straight away and left feeling refreshed. I have seen sally repeatedly over the years with back pain, migraines and even took my three kids along for Hopi ear candles as they were too young for syringing and they too love it. A bit too much in fact! Sally is very discreet, compassionate and extremely sensitive to what is going on with my pulses. I would definitely recommend a visit for anyone that is thinking about trying acupuncture.

My husband has also visited sally as he has dystonia and her craniosacrel therapy helps him, he was also skeptical but goes regularly as his blood pressure has stablised as well as my kidney pain.

>> February 2015

I arrived at Sally's door depleted, desperate and so in need of her professional skills. What I found was someone, smiley, empathetic and supremely talented at listening, searching for diagnosis and rebalancing my body mind and spirit. If this sounds too good to be true, It really isn't!

As a childbirth practitioner I often see clients who have started their fertility journey with Sally and their success is testament to her supreme talents. Everyone loves Sally, she makes feeling well easy!

Sally is a true miracle worker- I recommend her to everyone and anyone!

About 3 years ago, I was really poorly,I saw consultant after consultant (for both immune system issues and gynaecology issues ) and was getting absolutely nowhere. I was at the end of my tether and willing to try anything.

A friend (who also has endometriosis) recommended Sally to me, so I kept an open mind and started treatment.

I started seeing Sally on a regular basis, not only was she great in doing her thing with balancing etc but she's great to talk to as well.

I was only 25 at the time and I mentioned my concerns that if I have this many problems, then how do I know if I can have children. Sally told me to get an AMH test done (to check how many eggs are left).

I phoned up my GP and asked her to issue the test and told her I was aware it is £70. She spent five mins telling me "you don't need this test , you are 25 years old , save your money". Luckily I listened to Sally and not the GP! I went ahead with the test and two weeks later had a phone call to say that I was in the "undetectable range" (very low amount of eggs left ). The same (awful) GP told me the news "I'm not sure what we do from here". Surely the dr should be telling me??? Anyway got on the phone to Sally , she told me what to do! So i got a referral to cov centre of reproduction.

I went along to the appointment and had all investigations - the specialist said that she would recommend that I used an egg donor as "it would be a miracle for IVF to work with my eggs"

At this point I saw Sally very regularly (whenever she suggested to) Sally's knowledge of IVF was invaluable , she had more 'dos and donts' than the clinic! I took everything Sally told me as gospel and I truly believe that is why it was successful . To cut a long story short, every stage of IVF I was told I probably wouldn't make, I did- to the point that I actually became pregnant and have had a beautiful baby boy!

Not only is Sally a miracle worker, she is unbelievably dedicated to her work, she is incredibly knowledgable (particularly in fertility issues) and she is now a life long friend. I am eternally grateful for Sally's work. Had I not started seeing her when I did, there is a very good chance I would have gone through the menopause too early and not been fortunate to have a baby. Thank you for everything Sally !

Alexandra Jewitt 27 years old

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Sally was recommended to me by a friend as myself and my husband had previously had a failed IVF treatment and also 3 IUI failed treatments. My initial reason to try acupuncture was to prepare myself for the next IVF treatment and to help me relax. I had 3 or 4 one hour sessions with Sally and I fell pregnant naturally after the first month. I have since recommended Sally to a few friends and work colleagues.
Tom & Alison Pattison-Turner

I was about to give up and was pretty depressed. Now I'm sixteen weeks pregnant and telling everyone I know about this wonderful miracle worker. Sally's holistic approach is both helpful and reassuring especially when you’re terrified of doing something wrong. She's available, kind and genuine, a rare person with a great talent for making dreams come true.
Tamara Cottrill

Sally truly is a wonderful lady with a miracle touch. The first time I met Sally she put me at ease straight away. She is so easy to talk to and down to earth, and so professional but also approachable. I have been having acupuncture to regulate my hormones and alongside IVF. Throughout all my treatment Sally has been a rock to me. I truly believe without Sally’s expertise, knowledge for acupuncture and support I would not be the proud mummy to a perfect baby boy. Sally will be a friend for life; she has made our dream come true."
Michelle S

I’ve been having regular treatments with Lissaman Acupuncture for some months. I became a patient because I had had a virus which had left me with severe headaches and post viral fatigue. I was very low and could not seem to shake off the headaches and lethargy. Sally was entirely realistic which I really liked- no promise of a quick fix. Most importantly Sally recognises the inner tensions which affect what happens to our bodies. After a few sessions I began to feel much lighter and my energy levels started to return. I still get sporadic headaches- as Sally says, ‘no quick fix’- but they are much less intense and cope without medication. Overall there is no comparison with how I felt a few months ago.
The treatments are wonderful. Sally is very warm, understanding, non judgemental and fun. I return regularly for maintenance and I can’t imagine a time when I won’t!

I had been trying for a baby for six years and was about to go through my fifth IVF cycle when I read in a newspaper about Sally’s success with infertile women. I had tried acupuncture before without success and I found the needles painful, but I decided that I was prepared to give it another try. Sally was amazing: she was so down-to-earth and friendly that I couldn’t wait to have my acupuncture sessions, and her needling technique actually tickled rather than hurt. Most importantly, I had only been treated by Sally for six weeks when I found out that my IVF had been successful and I was pregnant! I carried on with treatment all through my pregnancy and labour. Sally was a great support and a mine of information. Thanks in part to Sally I am now the proud mum of a beautiful baby boy. I can’t recommend her enough.

Sally is my monthly tonic! She listens to both my physical and mental woes, interprets things really well and treats accordingly. Although I feel a bit sluggish the evening of my treatment, I'm a new woman the next day and feel like I can take on the world.

'Sally always takes the time to listen to me at the beginning of each session building up a record of physical and mental symptoms, for me this has meant an individually tailored treatment programme to an extent that I haven't experienced elsewhere. This conscientious approach coupled with her warm personality means visits are always something to look forward to.'

"I first visited Sally for some craniosacral therapy for my newborn after a difficult birth. Since then every member of the immediate family, and a few not so immediate, have had some treatment! I have also made recommendations to people I have met through my work. My oldest son now asks me if he can go to see Sally whenever he feels even slightly under the weather."

I had regular acupuncture with Sally before and during my fifth and only successful IVF attempt. The treatment was relaxing and almost totally painless. This had been a worry for me, as a needle phobic!
Sally made the sessions more of a social outing than a treatment! Sessions were always relaxed and informal. I laughed my way through most visits!!
Sally is a wonderful, kind practitioner. She always makes time to fit her clients in wherever possible. She has a genuine interest in each of her clients and is extremely caring and considerate, at what is often a very trying and stressful time. I would recommend her to anyone.

Proud mum of a beautiful baby boy.
Donna Harrison

I am so grateful for all of the support I received during my fertility treatment. After years of trying we have a beautiful son who has changed our lives for ever. Acupuncture gave me a space to be calm and pause and think about what was important to me. Sally always listens hard and remembers. She has helped immeasurably

I have been having acupuncture with Sally for the last three years for a long standing neck and shoulder complaint. This enables me to enjoy a mostly pain free life, I have complete faith in Sally's ability and I always leave the treatment room with a smile on my face.

'Sally is a lovely lady. She makes you feel that very at ease and is always there to lend an ear whatever the problem. I wouldn't miss my monthly appointment for the world. I can go into the appointment feeling fed up, but always leave with a smile on my face, even after the needles and I never thought I would say that! I always feel so much better after my appointment and sleep like a baby......roll on my next appointment'

Facing the prospect of IVF and willing to open our minds to alternative treatments we turned to acupuncture - despite being terrified of the thought of having needles placed in my toes, ears and just about anywhere else it took just a conversation with Sally to realise that perhaps things weren't going to be as bad as I had imagined. The road that takes us on our fertility journey has many bumps along the way and it is with much fondness that we thank Sally for always being there to guide us and support us along the way. We are now blessed with a beautiful baby daughter.
Mr & Mrs H.

Sally has helped me in so many ways during the year that I have known her. She is an expert in her field, particularly in fertility but she is also a great support and goes out of her way to make you feel relaxed and happy during and also in between appointments. No question is unimportant and no favour to big to ask of her. She is a lovely person and you will feel instantly at ease as soon as you meet her. I promise you, you will be booking your next appointment before you walk out of the door at the end of your session

‘Coming to Sally to get acupuncture treatment has been one of the best things I have done in my life, now I am 5 months pregnant and really happy and excited, it is not just the treatment that is relaxing and fruitful, Sally is like this friend who can read your mind and understands your feeling and emotions and be there for you always. I am so glad I went to her and I am sure many other people will agree with me on this.’

After trying to conceive for over 2 years, I got pregnant pretty much straight away once I started acupuncture with Sally. I believe the treatment she gave me helped to maintain the pregnancy and keep me healthy throughout. During the second trimester I suffered dreadful migraines and these only stopped when I started weekly visits to Sally. She is a fantastic practitioner in acupuncture who has extensive knowledge of fertility problems. She is also a lovely person, who helped to calm me when I had worries and celebrated with us the arrival of my beautiful son Flynn on 2nd January, 2007. I will definitely be going back when we want another baby! Thank you Sally!
Yvonne McCombes (age 36) Coventry (condition - polycystic ovaries)

Sally Lissaman – Truly amazing!!

We read an article in a women’s magazine about acupuncture treatment for fertility and then from an online directory contacted Sally.

Prior to the first consultation and treatment we were a little apprehensive and sceptical about acupuncture. All apprehension and scepticism were quickly dispelled, in that the pins are so fine you don’t notice their insertion and acupuncture really did take effect from the onset of treatment. My husband had a number of treatments to make sure his little swimmers were in good order. He was fully supportive however a little sceptical at first as to the effectiveness of acupuncture, I’ll never forget the moment when he commented on the feeling of energy flowing up his leg. My husband, bless him is now a big advocate of acupuncture and has recommended it to many people.
Acupuncture corrected my hormone levels for conception, sorted my husband’s sperm out and critically maintained the environment for the development of the embryo into a foetus then finally our baby.
Sally is really the full package, with an immense knowledge of fertility treatment and assisted conception, a true professional, a confidante that gave 110% to the cause. Sally’s knowledge has enabled us to verify and co-ordinate the treatments that we received throughout the 6 years of assisted conception from the medical sector, this is pretty fundamental to success.
Fertility treatment is a rollercoaster of emotions so we can fully empathise with patients and their partners whom are undergoing treatment, Sally has been a rock throughout and gave us the courage and determination through her support to succeed .

We are now the proudest parents in the world and we now have a truly beautiful little daughter.

Sally you are amazing, Thank you so much !!

Proud Parents of a Gorgeous Daughter
27th May 2009

After several failed cycles whilst trying for my second child I turned to acupuncture and more importantly Sally. By this time I had been told that after so many failed attempts my chances of getting pregnant were 15% per cycle at best.
I genuinely believe that treatment with Sally strengthened my ability to cope both emotionally and physically. Thanks to this I am one of the lucky ones… I am now 26 weeks pregnant!!”
I have now had a baby girl and this is due to the fact that I was having acupuncture with Sally Lissaman and listened to her advise on what I should and shouldn't do - she was me life savour while I was pregnant. I previously had 4 miscarriages and my problem was not conceiving but keeping it and now I can keep my little one for ever. Even if you hate needles it is worth going to see Sally because in the scheme of things it is nothing and she is the greatest listener and I can now call her a friend.
Em L
At a very low point in my life nearly 10 years ago, I met Sally.

I was at rock bottom and feeling very desperate and completely trapped. I had been through several very bad relationships, had been involved with drugs and my depression was so bad that I’d had suicidal feelings. Through acupuncture treatment, Sally’s kindness and friendship I have managed to rebuild my life.

I am now in a very healthy, happy relationship and have a 3 year son. I am also stepmum to my partners 3 older children. If you had known me years ago, none of these things would have been believable! I can’t thank Sally enough for her support, her caring and understanding and of course her practice of acupuncture, without which I wouldn’t be where I am today. Over the years we have built a close friendship and she has me helped through all the changes in my life, both happy and sad.

In case I have never said this ‘properly’ – THANK YOU Sally, I wouldn’t be here today without you.
I would highly recommend acupuncture treatment to anyone.

If someone asked me 10 months ago whether I would recommend acupuncture, I'd of said "NO" as I never believed it could work. Well here I am 10 months later & can safely say that if it wasn't for acupuncture or Sally, I'm not sure where I'd be! It's hard when the one thing you want more than anything in life, is so difficult! But Sally has made all those bad times more bearable and I know that with her help I will get the family I crave.

You're the nicest person I know Sally and have helped me so much & I class you as a great friend & someone I can confide in! So for all those cynics out there just give acupuncture a try and I promise you won't look back.
Paula Harvey

We have been struggling for several years with infertility (without Sally's help) and were getting to the stage of not knowing what to do next and feeling very negative. We were introduced to Sally recently by a close friend and since meeting her, our attitude has completely changed. She has supported us through lots of different emotions and helped us to still feel positive in continuing our journey of becoming parents, also advising us of other options we have which we would never have known about. I do not know what we would have done with out Sally's support. Thank you Sally for all your time and help throughout the last few months we really do appreciate it.
K & C

I have been having treatment from Sally for a few months now. I actually feel like I know more about my body, myself and fertility than I ever have done. I have certainly learnt more from Sally than I have from any other source including the fertility experts at the hospital.
Sally has time for you whenever and wherever! She treats everyone as individuals and that means a great deal to me. I have complete faith in her and the treatment and so do many others. Sally advises you on the questions you need answers for- which I'd have never have known.
The acupuncture doesn't hurt (in fact I forget the needles are there and sometimes knock them out!)
Visiting Sally is more than just acupuncture and you'll realise this after your first visit. It's the best thing I've ever done medically- I now feel very positive and it's only a matter of time before I'm expecting.

I have been visiting Sally for over 12th months for either Acupuncture or Reiki. She has helped me conceive, to deal with anxieties and to overcome many challenging situations. I am confident that her treatments continue to contribute to my wellbeing and I regular refer many of my contacts to her, all of whom have shared the same positive experiences.

Sally is a close confident of mine and she will someone who will be in my life for a long time to come. Her relaxed approach and friendly nature means that she can also offer solution that you won’t find elsewhere

Jo Cameron
Director of www.womenontheirway.co.uk and former BBC Apprentice

I approached acupuncture with a little scepticism but can honestly say this was completely unfounded. Not only did the treatment help me become more aware of my body and that there were reasons for certain feelings, but Sally became a friend, not just someone I went to for treatment. Sally certainly knows her stuff and makes the sessions fun and relaxing. Even after a successful pregnancy I continued with my treatment, as something for my general wellbeing, not just for getting pregnant. I cannot recommend Sally highly enough, and have sung her praises on many occasions. The best phone call I ever made!
SM, Leamington Spa.
Sally has literally changed my life. Not only are her diagnoses and treatments accurate every time, proving she is an extremely accomplished and professional acupuncturist, but she is also easy to talk to and confide in, making her sessions both thorough and fun. She has helped me through the aches and pains of fertility treatment, conception and pregnancy, not to mention all the other issues surrounding normal family life. I regularly recommend Sally's services to friends; she is a blessing.
Sally Lissaman has treated my whole family for anything from a cricked neck, tennis elbow, blocked ears, carpal tunnel to a frozen shoulder (plus lots more!!!). You couldn't ask for a friendlier or more knowledgeable practitioner! Sally goes above and beyond just treating the problem. I would highly recommend a visit.
I couldn't do this journey without Sally. She has been my strength when I have been at an all time low. Sally helps me to keep positive and gives me hope that I will get the result that I want. She is there in the capacity to advise, and more importantly as a friend who genuinely cares what happens. I really don't think that I would ever find anyone else quite like her, and know that whatever the outcome, she will be there for me no matter what.
Esther Pemble
I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Sally via a friend. This friend had been celebrating the positive impact acupuncture had had on her life. She had recently become pregnant after 7 years of trying.

I received treatment initially to overcome the grief I was suffering following a number of miscarriages. Prior to meeting Sally, I unfortunately lost a baby, when I was 22 weeks pregnant. The medical profession were unable to give me the support I required at this time either through information about possible causes or to deal with the immense emotions I was experiencing.

From the moment I began my treatment with Sally I felt at ease and able to talk openly for the first time with somebody who had real empathy, compassion and knowledge. I have a fantastic relationship with Sally. She is an incredibly gifted practitioner, who has a true understanding of the people she works with. I would have no reservation in recommending all aspects of her service to anybody who required them. Sally is caring, considerate and always gives her patients 100%. The acupuncture treatments I have received from Sally have had a major impact on my life. As a result I now have a gorgeous healthy 2 year old daughter and am 19 weeks pregnant. Thank you Sally for the support and kindness you have given me.

When Sally first started treating me (4 years ago) I wasn't in a particularly great place. I had lots of little things on my mind that were niggling at me, which I knew were affecting me physically. I was also putting myself under a lot of pressure about taking the step into motherhood (due to the biological clock!!) and kept panicking about it. Sally came to my rescue!! At the beginning I saw Sally on a regular basis for the first couple of years and together we dealt with everything that the treatment picked up. It was lovely to be able to talk to someone who I had built up a trust with and made such a difference to me.

Sally also treated me before, during my pregnancy and after my daughter arrived, she was so supportive. If I ever need treatment, I know that I can pick up the phone and book an appointment and we just pick up where we were last time!! You're the best Sally! xx
I have been having acupuncture treatment from Sally for quite a few years now and cannot praise her highly enough. She is one of those few people that you rarely have the privilege to meet, let alone become friends with. She is totally honest and very kind and genuinely wants to help everyone. She goes out of her way and does far more than she needs to, but that is her nature.

The treatments I have received from her over the years have made my life much more enjoyable than it would have been and although she is excellent at what she does, the chats and her fantastic sense of humour have certainly helped too. Thank you Sally. Love from Carol Malin.

Sally's business card was given to me by one of the staff at the hospital where I was receiving fertility treatment - my fiancé and I had being trying for years to start our much wanted family without any luck and had now started on an IVF cycle. I had no previous experience or knowledge of acupuncture, but wanted to try everything that would give us an extra chance of success. So I went along for my initial consultation without any pre-conceptions thinking that even if it made me more relaxed through treatment that would tip the balance in our favour.

Sally as a professional, dedicated and highly talented acupuncturist has given me so much more than I ever anticipated as a complete holistic practitioner. The acupuncture that Sally has administered to me has prepared for and supported my body physically through nightmare drug regimes. In addition, to this to have someone so knowledgeable, experienced and caring within the fertility world to support you emotionally through this very tough path is invaluable.

I am now the very proud mum-to-be of twins and my now husband and I thank Sally from the bottom of our hearts for helping us make our biggest dream become a reality.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sally, acupuncture is a vocation for her and she knows her subject area so well, the wall of baby pictures given to her by her patients in her study is testament to her unrivalled success and track record.
Paula xx

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